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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April's 4 Play

Here are the four KEWLest pieces of Ear Kandi playing in The KEWL Lounge this month. It's late, but you can still enjoy it.

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Lady Alma

It's House Music( Original  Mix )

 ‘It’s House Music’ will have you dancing all night long with its infectious hook and anthem to house music itself. Lady Alma's soul stirring powerhouse vocal perfectly marries the mood and movement of this multidimensional sonic offering.

Andre Harris

Hit That ( Vox )

 Listen closely, understand the lyrics, move your body to the clapping, slapping sound when he say . . . Hit That!

Giovanni Ikome & Frankie Foncett

The Deep Spot (The Hardbody Mix )

As you are hitting that, keep that rhythm and go deeper and harder until you reach that Deep Spot.

Mannix feat. .Rainy Payne

Breathless (Richard Earnshaw Remix )

 Mannix teams up with one of the most innovative spoken word artists in today's house music scene, Rainy Payne. Richard Earnshaw is on the remix. So after you hit that deep spot, she should be breathless. It's house music baby, it's house music.

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