Ready for some 4 play?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dr. KEWL's October 4 play

The four KEWLest pieces of Ear Kandi playing in the KEWL Lounge this month.
Elements of Life feat. Lisa Fischer -
Love will Know (Spen and Karizma remix)

Together again and feeling it more than ever, Louie Vega’s Elements of Life featuring Lisa Fischer, “LOVE WILL KNOW” with lyrics by none other than Blaze will move you and take your spirit to an elevated euphoric level!
Close your eyes, turn up the system, listen to the inspirational lyrics of BLAZE and feel “LOVE WILL KNOW” take over your soul and move you to the dance floor. This music breaks boundaries of genres, you don’t need to be a die hard house head to love and appreciate the strength and spirit of Elements of Life & Lisa Fischer’s “LOVE WILL KNOW”.

UPZ aka Avi Elman feat. Rick Coffey- Hangin' on a Dream
(soWhat mix)

The soWHAT Mix is sweet and luscious, strictly old skool house vocal grooves. Definitely for those who love the rich, soulful sound of uptempo R&B dance. Rick Coffey caresses the melody as he sings “Come on, please put that dress on baby, take my hand, let’s go and dance all night, I wanna take you out tonight, this could be paradise” what woman can resist that?!

Nastee Nev feat. Donald Sheffey - I'm so Hung up on You
(0808 Sweet Soul mix)

 A moving bassline and beautifully layered keys along with the vocals of Donald Sheffey, who delves into this track and laces smooth lyrics with his strong, musky voice to bring out a deeply meaningful track.

Low Deep T - Nights of Passion (main mix)

The nu Barry White of House Music, Low Deep T does what he does best. On a romantic and passionate evening ,you cannot go wrong with this!!
Real smooth tune with sax by Lora Maspimby.

Join us in the KEWL Lounge

Be KEWL!!!