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Thursday, December 29, 2011

KEWL Tunes of 2011

Fresh out of Get Reel Studios, Dr. KEWL slides the year's best tunes between your ears! Uplifting, Soulful, & KEWL music made our bodies move all year long. With so many kewl tunes coming out in 2011 it was hard for him to decide with would make the top ten. So here now, from #10 to #1, is the ear kandi played in the KEWL lounge in 2011.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

December's 4play

Merry Christmas!
This month's most played tunes in the KEWL Lounge.

Seamus Haji pres. Mekkah ft. Stephen Granville -
 Race of Survival (Sean McCabe remix)

A remix of a 1994 classic, Sean McCabe brings this kewl tune to the present day soulful house dance floor.

DJ Christos pres. Ree Morris - Inside Of Me (Ralf GUM Remix)

Ree Morris was born in the late 80s in the beautiful city of Cape Town, Christos is a South African Deep House legend and a bona fide pioneer of the style. Thanks to him Ree came in touch with Soulful House Music and fell in love with genre. Together they bring us an uplifting tune. Ralf GUM comes up with a breathtaking remix that effortlessly allies various influences he's known and beloved in the music scene for more than two decades now. A chunk of soul in the instrumentation, a slight Afro House feel thanks to the drum and some Jazz elements grant his version of 'Inside Of Me' an enduring beauty.

Bucie - Get over it (ezel remix)

Bucie's deep 'n' defiant house tune Get Over It is destined for long, long life on the dancefloor. Bucie's velvety yet assertive song, about standing tall in claustrophobic relationships, gathers further emotional charge backed as it is by an uptown fusion of powerful, melancholic keys, Vibes and trumpet.Ezel offers similarly deep and mesmeric reflections on his main remix, via lulling piano riffs, gentle low-slung b-lines and gorgeous, jazzy swells of synth. A tune you can relax and relate to.

Pirahnahead feat. Mona Bode - In Me (So Deep) (Original Mix)

Pirahnahead unleashes the sexy side with this one! Deep beats & steamy vocals! Mona Bode hails from New York City and is one of house music's prime spoken word artists and quite prolific in her works - Here she deemed it fair to lend Pirahnahead her words . You should enjoy this kewl sexy vibe.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dr. KEWL's November 4Play

The four KEWLest pieces of Ear Kandi playing in the KEWL Lounge this month.

Zakes Bantwini - Wasting My Time
(Black Coffee original mix)

Zakes Bantwini is, undisputedly, one of South Africa's fastest rising urban house stars. Produced by close friend Black Coffee, the original mix provides a suitably deep and meaningful platform for Bantwini's heartfelt lyrics about phony relationships and, in turn, his soulfully immaculate delivery. Lush afro-edged rhythms lead into smart bursts of trumpet, cool double bass-lines and stirring Rhodes solos - a rich musical weave more than amplifying Bantwini's performance.
Wasting My Time is another real house release,Powerful deep house with ties to South Africa, Europe and the States, Wasting My Time both unites and enlightens the dancefloor. Time, of course, well spent...

Liquideep - Angel
 (DJ Spen & Gary Hudge long version)
Angel is a beautiful ode to women and the blessings they bring. Ziyon performs an emotional heart warming vocal drizzled over soothing melodic rhythms with warm sweeping keys and a tear jerking piano performance. Liquideep have been at the forefront of the South African house music explosion since the offset and are set to spread their magic to the rest of the world!

Beat Rivals feat. CeCe David - Give It To Me (Soulshy Remix)

Dawn Tallman - I am Free (Original Mix)
"I am Free" features the "Queen of Gospel Energy" Ms. Dawn Tallman.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dr. KEWL's October 4 play

The four KEWLest pieces of Ear Kandi playing in the KEWL Lounge this month.
Elements of Life feat. Lisa Fischer -
Love will Know (Spen and Karizma remix)

Together again and feeling it more than ever, Louie Vega’s Elements of Life featuring Lisa Fischer, “LOVE WILL KNOW” with lyrics by none other than Blaze will move you and take your spirit to an elevated euphoric level!
Close your eyes, turn up the system, listen to the inspirational lyrics of BLAZE and feel “LOVE WILL KNOW” take over your soul and move you to the dance floor. This music breaks boundaries of genres, you don’t need to be a die hard house head to love and appreciate the strength and spirit of Elements of Life & Lisa Fischer’s “LOVE WILL KNOW”.

UPZ aka Avi Elman feat. Rick Coffey- Hangin' on a Dream
(soWhat mix)

The soWHAT Mix is sweet and luscious, strictly old skool house vocal grooves. Definitely for those who love the rich, soulful sound of uptempo R&B dance. Rick Coffey caresses the melody as he sings “Come on, please put that dress on baby, take my hand, let’s go and dance all night, I wanna take you out tonight, this could be paradise” what woman can resist that?!

Nastee Nev feat. Donald Sheffey - I'm so Hung up on You
(0808 Sweet Soul mix)

 A moving bassline and beautifully layered keys along with the vocals of Donald Sheffey, who delves into this track and laces smooth lyrics with his strong, musky voice to bring out a deeply meaningful track.

Low Deep T - Nights of Passion (main mix)

The nu Barry White of House Music, Low Deep T does what he does best. On a romantic and passionate evening ,you cannot go wrong with this!!
Real smooth tune with sax by Lora Maspimby.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dr. KEWL's September 4 play

The four KEWLest pieces of Ear Kandi playing in the KEWL Lounge this month.

Mangesto feat. Ashya - Slow (Main)

Nice smooth laid back vibe 

Human Life - In It Together
The title says it all.

Peter James Kahn & The Glovz - Shine
(Richard Earnshaw Main Mix)
Great ear kandi for the one you diggin

The Muthafunkaz - Every Day Of The Week
(Joey Negro Club Mix)

What can I say . . ."The Muthafunkaz did it again!!"

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