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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August's 4 Play

Hey KEWL People,  
We have been having fun in the sun. Now its that golden time of year. Here are the four KEWLest pieces of Ear Kandi playing in The KEWL Lounge this month.

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Meropa Park - Live a Lil' (Suges Remix)

When you listen to the new Deeper Shades Recording's "Live A Lil'" by Botswana's vocal house collective Meropa Park you know you are listening to a real KEWL tune. Suges from Canada delivers a remix that makes everyone sing along and fills the dance floor with happy faces!

Soulful Session feat. Mikie Blal - 

Got it All ( Phil Asher's Remix)

Real KEWL soulful House! The great R & B vocals of Mikie Blak makes this a KEWL groove. The lyrics speak to the ladies. The Phil Asher remix has that real KEWL vibe that will have you singing along and have your head bobbing. Enjoy!

The United Voices Of Whasdat Music, 

Abby B., Yaminah, Diviniti, Eric King,

Pirahnahead's Soulchestra - Harvest for the World ( Spread Love) ( Main vocal)

Just in time for our fall vibe, its a time for harvest. For there to be a Harvest of love, one must Spread it to the world. That's what the Isley Brothers "Harvest For The World" and Al Hudson's "Spread Love" said way back when, and at this crucial time in our lives - it must be reiterated. Thus - The United Voices of Whasdat Music. Abby B., Yaminah, Diviniti, Eric King, The Soulchestra - and Pirahnahead - we come together to say it again by joining the two songs together. Complete with vocal trade-offs, and Live instrumentation (such as the wonderful 17 piece symphonic string section - the "Soulchestra"), this version takes the original elements and backs them with a deep house flavor! There is a message in the music, and Love is the message. Enjoy the KEWL vibe.

 Louie Vega starring Sara Devine - Fabulous (Roots House Mix)

Taken From The Groove Odyssey Sessions Volume 1 Album.
Louie Vega starring Sara Devine & lovingly mixed by Groove Assassin. This song embodies the vibe of all your Fabulous friends. This could soon be the new theme song for Fabulous First Fridays!  

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