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Friday, December 19, 2014

KEWLest Tunes of 2014

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Fresh out of Get Reel Studios, Dr. KEWL slides this year's best tunes between your ears! Uplifting, Soulful, & KEWL music made our bodies move all year long. With so many kewl tunes coming out in 2014 it was hard for him to decide which ones would make the top ten. So here now, from #10 to #1, is the top ear kandi played in the KEWL lounge in 2014.

10. Bruce Bailey - Speaker Box (Deeper Detroit Mix)

A musical journey from Detroit to the world. Bruce Bailey starts us off with his debut single,Speaker Box.  A deep house groove that is sure to move dance floors. This is Bruce’s own Deep Detroit Mix.

09. Louie Vega staring Diviniti -Everlasting Love (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix)

Next up we have Louie Vega featuring two of Detroit’s House Music chart topping stars. Diviniti's soothing vocals deliver a true message of hope through "Everlasting Love", co written by Pirahnahead This song reminding us "put your faith in LOVE, believe in LOVE, Everlasting Love". The remix from Louie Vega gives this song a smooth harmony that you have to close your eyes and melt into the rhythm.  This is the Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix.

08. Ewonder, Celli Pitts - Over Me (Original Version)

Up next we've got Ewonder and Celli Pitts with the track Over Me.  Deep, Sexy & KEWL, just wait for it to drop that beat! Feel good, dance good, love good!

 07. Djeff, Kholi - Different (Honeycomb Vocal With Solo)

 2014’s top tunes include this piece of ear kandi from Djeff and Kholi. Djeff brings us 'Different', a rhythmic banger featuring Kholi on vocals. This tune is injected with a sweet, soulful edge from the legendary Josh Milan, who delivers a special vocal mix with his own keys solo. 

06. L. Young - I Love My Girl (Frankie Feliciano Classic Vocal Mix)

 This 2014 classic features the lyrics and vocal styling of L. Young. Check out his youtube videos, they’re the ones with him on six screens sing one song. On this house tune he sings about love, I Love My Girl is a hit from his album, Reverb. Frankie Feliciano treats our bodies to his classic vocal mix. This is house music for the connoisseur.

05. John Legend - All Of Me (Terry Hunter Chosen Few Dj's Club Mix)

This next piece of ear kandi is remixed by the legendary Terry Hunter. This is the Chosen Few Dj’s Club Mix of John Legend’s All of me. This is ear kandi for the ladies.  This was a summer classic!

04. Andy Compton, Rogiers - Another Lover (Andy's Rurals Mix)

With only 4 pieces of ear kandi left in the KEWL Lounges top 10 0f 2014 we have a soulful tune that is real kewl. So let’s get into a kewl vibe. The music of Andy Compton with the lyrics and vocals of Rogiers delivers a kewl, relaxed lounge vibe. This is a tune for House music connoisseurs.

03. Eric Ben`et- Harriett Jones (Feat. The Afropeans Revisit) (Reelsoul Main Remix)

The next tune in the top 10 of 2014 is from four time Grammy award nominated R&B star, Eric BenĂ©t who joining forces  with The Afropeans to revisit “Harriett Jones” . Reelsoul's Deep House Remix is fresh from the streets of LA and made this a guaranteed Summertime favourite.

02. Jennifer Hudson, R. Kelly - It's Your World (Terry Hunter Club Mix)

The Penultimate piece of Ear Kandi in the KEWL Lounge this year is one that brought the summer of 2014 to a smooth and graceful ending. The vocals of Jennifer Hudson and R. Kelly speak directly to your heart. This mix for the club is by Terry Hunter.

01. Ralf GUM, Monique Bingham– The Pap (Ralf GUM Main Mix)

The Ultimate Tune of 2014
is taken from Ralf GUM's album,'In My City. It's a song for all deep Heads with Soul.the lyrics and vocals are by Monique Bingham "The Pap" is her homage to South Africa. "Lyrically 'The Pap' has many metaphors but really it's a love letter to South Africa. ’The Pap' is a deep penetrating distinct for your mind, body, and soul.
So there you have it, the top 10 tunes of 2014 in the KEWL Lounge.

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